Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chapter 1:

As I read this chapter, I wondered how Sam made up his mind to be a Patriot? It seems as if Redding is a Tory town. Sam seems to have a different opinion about the King and being a Tory than his father does. How did his opinion become so different from his fathers? I wondered if he listened to his friends at Yale who may have been Patriots.


Teacher Demo said...

It seems to me that Sam had to be influenced by his classmates at Yale. As it neared 1775 in the colonies, there was a lot of unrest. The British were taxing the colonists for the war they had with the French, and King George was making rules for the Americans from thousands of miles away. Many people in the colonies were interested in governing themselves, and it seems to me that a college is a place where they would do a lot of talking about it.

Susie Smart said...

I agree that Sam was probably influenced by his friends at Yale. But I also think since he was at college he probably was able to see both sides of the issue. As he got older, he probably made up his own mind.