Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chapter 2:

Tim listens intently as Father and Sam discuss being a Loyalist or a Patriot. He also watches as Father and Sam argue about the Brown Bess. In this chapter, I wonder what Tim is thinking. He looks up to his brother Sam, and he wants to be just like him. Does Tim think Sam is right going off to join the Rebels, or does Tim think Father is right? I also wonder why Mother doesn't express her opinions during the argument.

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student 9 said...

At this point in the novel, I think that Tim doesn't know who is right. He certainly looks up to his older brother, Sam, but he respects his father. I think Tim needs to see more things happening before he can decide for himself. As for why the mother doesn't say anything, I think it's because of the time period. Women were not considered the head of households. In many cases, they didn't speak up when their husbands made decisions.